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Advanced Poker Calculator 4.02


Filename: setupcalculator.exe
License: Freeware
File size: 1.24 MB
Filetype: Windows Executable
My has been designed to do one thing, win at online poker. I have sent the last 6 years solving the barrier that holds back a computer from competing with an expert human at the game of holdem. By combining artificial intelligence with proven mathematical tactics, I have created two programs that will win money online. The sky is the limit, fire up The Poker Calculator (with built in bot option) to polish your game play with over 20 options at your finger tips; or use the simple robot program, which isn't as robust but designed for the 'Newbie' poker player.

Prohibited Poker Robot leads the internet in the most advanced poker calculators and bots. Specializing in poker odds and artificial intelligence, you will win money with our .

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SHA1 Checksum: da9ea523daca2b6f7eb8b4bde8dfa57564c69258
MD5 Checksum: 5f860b722547ef22d8be1ba6ca63a4be

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