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Loop Recorder 2.05


Filename: LoopRecorder.exe
License: Shareware
File size: 4.49 MB
Filetype: Windows Executable
Loop Recorder is designed for capturing songs from the radio. The loop mode infinitely records up to a specified number of minutes in a continuous loop while scrolling the data. At any time during the recording, the current data can be previewed and songs can be cut and saved as ASF, MP3, OGG or WAV. In addition, songs can be faded in and out and the level can be normalized. And all this can be done while the recording continues in the background. The program also features an integrated timer that allows scheduled recordings. Since it records continuously, the Loop Recorder is ideal for capturing songs from the radio. Never miss the beginning of a song ever again!

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SHA1 Checksum: 622469f334ea3dfc0cf6600cc13b8163b3a3d285
MD5 Checksum: e75a00ff70545da05cbf4045c7235903

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