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Retail Plus Point Of Sale Software 2.0


Filename: RETAIL20.EXE
License: Shareware
File size: 1.40 MB
Filetype: Windows Executable
Retail Plus POS delivers the right mix of simplicity, features and price. It is a powerful retail management program for Windows which allows users to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while featuring a fast and easy customer checkout. It is a great solution for both the sales counter and telephone order desk. We have been developing store proven POS systems since 1988. Includes links to QuickBooks.

Why Automate Sales With Retail Plus? A point of sale system serves you by saving time, increasing accuracy and controling what happens at the sales counter. But most point of sale involves high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. Retail Plus POS is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable system.

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SHA1 Checksum: 548b0ebee863bde477bf42e1335259a3cc1df74e
MD5 Checksum: 4787768111f71e8139c817d815b453e2

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